10 Unusual party bag ideas for memorable kids parties

Party Bags

Any parent who needs to arrange a birthday party for their child will no doubt feel some trepidation when it comes to organising the details. There’s a lot to remember, from booking a venue to baking a birthday cake, so when it comes to thinking of unusual party bag ideas to surprise the guests it’s not surprising that many parents lack inspiration. It can be very tempting to simply grab some cheap plastic toys and throw them into a bag, but this isn’t always the best course of action, especially if you want your event to create the right, long-lasting impression among your guests and their parents alike.

If you’re looking for some help in coming up with creative kids birthday party ideas, the good news is that we can offer you some of our expert tips. Every parent knows how important it is to make their child’s party the celebration of the year, so with that in mind, we’re giving you some unique party ideas that won’t fail to impress the crowd!

Avoiding Boring Party Bags

How many times has your child returned from a birthday party with a bag full of rubbish that they take one look at and then discard it on the kitchen counter ready to be thrown in the bin? Nobody wants to throw money away, so finding fun party supplies that your child’s guests are going to love is paramount. With our unusual party bag ideas, you can be sure that you’ll be choosing party favours that won’t end up in the trash.

The key to successful alternative party bag ideas is to choose something that can be used again and again. Something which is fun yet practical. Do you think that it might be easier said than done to avoid boring party bag fillers? Read on, and discover some unique party bag ideas that will definitely hit the spot.

1. Expressing Their Creative Side

Creative Party Ideas

Children love to be creative, so when you’re coming up with birthday party ideas that your child’s guests are sure to love, make sure to add some items which allow them to express themselves. Stickers are always a good choice – kids love to decorate and personalise their books, toys and bags – and you can often find a range of stickers that perfectly complement the theme of your child’s party .

There are lots of other creative gifts that you can add to your child’s party bags too. Crayons and colouring books, small craft kits, a tub of Play Doh or plasticine would all be good choices to add to paper party bags ready to hand out at the end of the day. A pack of face paints would also be a good idea, especially if you’re hosting a themed party – your young guests can turn themselves into a princess, pirate, monster or animal when they get home!

Another excellent creative toy that makes a good addition to party bags is a small Lego kit. Children love Lego (and lots of parents do too!) and the smaller kits are compact enough to fit in a standard party bag. Why not go one step further and host a whole Lego themed party? It’s a great unisex theme for both boys and girls, and it’s also one that you can easily extend through the entire celebration from food to decorations. There are even pre-filled party bags for a Lego party theme that take a lot of the hard work out of planning the occasion.

Older children may appreciate a t-shirt or bag decorating kit. This is a great gift that won’t fail to impress your young guests but which needn’t break the bank. You can pick up cheap fabric bags and t-shirts for a couple of pounds each together with a pack of cheap fabric pens. It’s a gift that is certain to be enjoyed by recipients and their parents alike, since the kids will be kept busy while they create their own patterns and designs!

2. Themed Party Bag Ideas

Are you hosting a themed birthday party for your child and need to come up with unusual party bag ideas that also work well with the theme that you’ve chosen? Planning a themed party for children of any age is a great idea because it takes a lot of the hard work out of the arrangements. When you’re working to a theme it narrows down your options and makes it much simpler to choose the right decorations, food and activities for the guests to enjoy. The good news is that, whatever theme your party is going to be, you can often find pre-filled party bags to suit. Whether you’re having a pirate or a princess party, a pre-filled bag involves zero effort on your behalf and you can rest assured that everything in the bag will not only fit the theme but will also be something your guests will love.

If you’re keen to go it alone with your party bags, it might be time to think outside the box. There are lots of unique party bag ideas that work with popular themes. For example, if you’re hosting a superhero party, you might want to add some printable masks to the party bags so the guests can decorate their own. If you’re hosting a monster themed party, a pot of slime could be a great addition to the party favours. If you’re hosting a princess party, adding some glittery hair accessories or clips to your party bags is a simple yet effective solution, while a small farm or jungle toy set for every guest would work perfectly for an animal-themed celebration.

3. Musical Gifts

Children love music, whether making it themselves or singing and dancing to it. If you’re looking for unusual party bag ideas that kids will get a lot of use out of, a musical gift could be the ideal choice. You can easily buy small musical instruments which you can pop into a party bag ready to be presented. Maracas, ocarinas and castanets are all affordable party favours which children will love to make music with at home. Alternatively, why not make custom party music CDs to hand out at the end of the event? This low cost gift may drive your guests’ parents mad on long car journeys, but you can be sure that the recipients will love singing and dancing along to tunes such as “Big Fish Little Fish Cardboard Box” and “Baby Shark”!

4. Gardening Gifts

Garden Party Gift

Plant seeds are a gift that keeps giving and make a wonderful addition to any party bag. Encouraging children to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air while also learning how to grow their own flowers, fruit and vegetables is a wonderful thing and the parents of your little guests are sure to be impressed with such a thoughtful and unusual gift. Cress seeds are a great choice, even for young children, since they can grow virtually anywhere and with minimal maintenance.

5. Writing Gifts

Although children might not appreciate an educational gift, they won’t realise that a writing pad and pencil in their party bag will help their writing skills and increase their creativity! Even young children enjoy mark making, and having their own little book to scribble in helps them to express themselves more effectively. Older children will appreciate receiving a journal in their party bag. Kids will enjoy writing about themselves, using the pages as a scrapbook or simply drawing sketches. Whatever purpose they put their writing gift too, you can rest assured that it’s a party favour that won’t end up in the bin!

6. Books For Party Bags

Another great idea to include in your child’s party bags is a book. Another educational gift that kids are sure to enjoy, a reading book that is age appropriate is an excellent party favour that your guests will get plenty of use from. It might sound like an expensive option, however you can often find multi-packs of books at affordable prices which can be split up between different guests. Books for party bags are also a good way to extend the theme of your party. There are lots of books about princesses, pirates, fairies or monsters which are perfect bag fillers for a themed event.

7. Mini Games

Keep your child’s guests entertained long after the party finishes when you add a mini game to your party bag. Mini jigsaw puzzles or packs of card games like Donkey or Old Maid are great party favour choices and are something which can be brought out again and again in the future. For older children, travel versions of popular games like Pass The Pigs or even a standard pack of playing cards are a good choice and you can rest assured that this is one gift which won’t end up being thrown away minutes after the party ends.

8. Outdoor Toys

If you’re looking for unusual party bag ideas for a summer birthday party, why not add some outdoor toys to your party bags? Encouraging kids to get outside in the fresh air enjoying themselves and entertaining themselves away from screens and video games is something that every parent wants to achieve, and finding ways to keep children occupied during the long school summer holidays is always a challenge. You can help parents to meet both of these goals by supplying some fun outdoor play equipment in your party bags. Mini water pistols, tennis balls, or a small bat and ball set are all great choices and they’ll keep your young guests busy for many days and weeks to come as long as the weather stays fine!

9. Cuddly Toys

Unusual party bag ideas needn’t be expensive – you can pick up cute cuddly toys from supermarkets and discount stores at bargain basement prices which make a wonderful addition to your party favours. You can even make the gift more personal by adding a collar made of paper around each new “pet’s” neck and asking each child to give their toy a name before they leave the party. You can be certain your party bag gift will be cherished and kept safe long after the party is over.

10. Cups & Straws

Children love having their very own cup that they can drink out of again and again. Why not extend the theme of your party with a themed plastic cup and matching straw for every young guest? Whether you’re hosting a sports-themed party for a group of football-made boys or a unicorn party for a bunch of girly girls, there are plenty of cups available at really affordable prices that you can pop into paper party bags ready to hand out at the end of the party.

Unusual Party Bag Ideas – The Key To A Successful Party

Although hosting your child’s birthday party can be a very stressful occasion, arranging party bags needn’t be too much of a challenge. With our top tips, you can be confident that you’re choosing gifts and treats that your young guests will truly appreciate and which will go the distance rather than being thrown away a few minutes after leaving the party.

Coming up with unique party bag ideas might sound difficult, but it’s worth putting in a little extra bit of effort to be confident that your celebration will stand out from the crowd. Unusual gifts needn’t be expensive but they are sure to be enjoyed. It’s also a good way to carry on the theming of your party long after your guests have gone home!

Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by our unusual party bag ideas, and have found our suggestions helpful. We know that arranging a kids’ birthday party can be difficult, but with our help, some of the challenges in thinking of what to put in your party bags will have been reduced!