20 Unique themed party ideas that will make everyone want to be on the guest list

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If you’re hosting a celebration or special event, it can be difficult to make your party really stand out from the crowd. One way to achieve this goal is to choose a theme for the occasion that will set the perfect tone. Although it might sound difficult to plan around a theme, in fact it simplifies the process of arranging a big celebration. A theme will direct most of the decisions for you, helping to narrow down your options and make planning much quicker and easier. The only challenge lies in coming up with unique themed party ideas that will really get your guests excited. With that in mind, we’re bringing you our expert tips for creative party themes for adults that will get everybody buzzing about attending your event.

1. The African Savannah Party

Whether you’re a fan of the Lion King or whether you just love the idea of a jungle theme, an African savannah party could be the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Of course, you could always feel free to dress up as the animals of your choice, but if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, why not opt for a theme of animal print clothing instead? You can decorate your venue with plenty of greenery and African-inspired décor for a truly wild party.

2. An Under The Sea Event

Under The Sea is a theme which may be most closely associated with high school dances, but it’s a great spin to add to any event. There are lots of sources of inspiration for costumes and décor here, from mermaids and dolphins to coral and shells. Your décor can range from the extravagant to the subtle, but make sure that you only use environmentally friendly party necessities like balloons and straws – after all, we don’t want to damage the oceans!

3. A Nautical Theme

Perhaps you’re hosting your party by the sea or a river, or even on a boat? What could be better than a nautical themed party? There’s plenty of options here, from a fun pirate theme to a more sophisticated blue and white colour scheme. Decorate your venue with seaside memorabilia such as fishing nets and, instead of paper party bags, consider using small boxes for your party favours that look like treasure chests.

4. All That Glitters

If you’re looking for more classy party themes, why not plan a sparkle and shine party? Glitter and shimmer is a fantastic theme, especially if you’re looking for unique themed party ideas for the holiday season. Encourage your guests to wear their fanciest and most sparkly clothing, decorate your venue with tinsel and sequins and prepare some luxury party bags that won’t fail to impress.

5. A Summer Celebration

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Are you looking for summer party themes that will bring a little sunshine even into a dull day? A beach party is a great way to get friends and family together for a fun-filled event that conjures up all the pleasures of being on vacation. Hawaiian shirts and summer dresses are the perfect attire, with the ideal décor including palm tree prints, a sand pit and deck chairs. When you’re writing your summer party shopping list, don’t forget the ice cream – an absolute essential to capture the real feel of a summer’s day.

6. Video Gaming Theming

If you’re looking for unique themed party ideas for adults who aren’t afraid to acknowledge their geekiness, a video game theme could be the perfect choice. Ask guests to dress as their favourite game characters, decorate your venue with retro game memorabilia and hire some arcade games or VR headsets for an exciting party that everyone is sure to love.

7. Going For Gothic

The ideal theme for your annual Halloween party is a Victorian Gothic look. Rather than going for the traditional pumpkins, witches and ghosts, opt for something which is a little more elegant. Encourage guests to wear their best gothic-style or steampunk clothing and decorate your venue with candles and candelabras, black flowers, antique furniture and skulls. If you’re having serving staff at your event, why not dress them as Victorian maids and butlers to add even more theming to the occasion.

8. Time Travel

If you’re arranging a party for large numbers of people, it can be difficult to get everyone on board with a theme. However, whether you’re seeking exciting office party themes for your workplace or unique party themes for college students, one of the very best unique themed party ideas is a time travel ball. Rather than limiting your guests’ costume choice to a decade or specific era, you’re giving attendees the freedom to choose any style or any historic figure from history, from the present or even from the future. It’s the perfect opportunity for guests to get out their Elvis suit or Queen Elizabeth I costume or to simply throw on a pair of flares and a wig!

9. The Power Of Music

Are you arranging a party for a group of like-minded musical loving friends? Whether you’re planning your amateur dramatics society’s annual Christmas party or just need birthday party ideas for someone who knows all the words to every Rodgers & Hammerstein classic, a musicals themed occasion could be absolutely perfect. Encourage guests to come dressed as one of their favourite characters, play showtunes as your backing track and hold a Sing-A-Long screening as your entertainment.

10. Heroes And Villains

It may not be one of the most unique themed party ideas out there, but everyone loves a heroes and villains inspired celebration. Over the last few years there have been countless superhero movies which give your guests a world of inspiration when it comes to costume choice. It’s a fun way for your attendees to live out their fantasies and it makes your party shopping list really simple. There is no shortage of party necessities featuring superheroes, and with countless items of party décor and birthday cakes featuring any number of well-known comic book hero and villain characters, you can really have a field day.

11. The Ice Cream Social

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Coming up with creative summer birthday party ideas for adults that will also please any children who will be attending can be a challenge. However, one that definitely won’t disappoint guests of any age is an ice cream social party. It’s the perfect way to celebrate during the summer, with plenty of icy treats in a range of flavours that will satisfy even the most diehard sweet-toothed guest! The perfect décor for this event is pastel and white shades and a serve-yourself ice cream toppings bar is virtually compulsory!

12. Alice In Wonderland

When you’re looking for summer party themes that are ideal of an outdoor celebration, an Alice in Wonderland theme is the ideal choice. A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is one of the best garden party ideas thanks to the freedom that it gives you when it comes to creative style. Really go to town on your décor and let your imagination run riot for your food and drink inspiration. Serve cocktails in teacups, serve upside down cakes and don’t forget to encourage your guests to come in costume as one of their favourite storybook characters.

13. Classic Cocktails

If you’re looking for ideas that are suitable corporate party themes, you can’t go wrong with a classic cocktail party. It’s the ideal way to impress business guests with a formal or semi-formal event that involves stylish décor, sophisticated canapes and, of course, lots of high end cocktails, mixed to perfection.

14. Everything is Awesome Lego Party

If there’s one thing that we’ve learned in recent years, Lego isn’t just for kids. In fact, more adults than ever before are buying this classic construction toy and kits are even being designed especially to suit the tastes of adult buyers who long to recapture their lost youth by building vehicles and dioramas. A Lego themed party could be the perfect way to celebrate a special birthday or other event. Play the Lego movie, have Lego video games for guests to enjoy and serve food inspired by those colourful bricks. You could even have some Lego sets for your guests to put together and take home as party favours!

15. Carnival Time

Although carnivals have long been a popular party theme, they never go out of style. If you’re looking for outdoor birthday party ideas, a carnival could be the perfect choice for a summer celebration. Set up some classic games such as a ring toss or coconut shy, serve popcorn and candyfloss and don’t forget that you’re going to need somesweets and small treats to hand out as prizes.

16. A Circus Theme

What could be more fun than recapturing the excitement and thrill of the circus at your celebration? If you’re looking for unique themed party ideas that really let your guests get into the heart of the action, circus theming could be the perfect solution. Balloons and banners are key party necessities for this type of event and one way to keep your guests entertained could be to hire some circus performers or arrange for a circus school to come and teach your attendees some tricks. Popcorn, candyfloss and hot dogs are the ideal circus food to serve up for this type of party which makes your party shopping list quite simple.

17. Back To The 80s

For adults of a certain age, there’s nothing guaranteed to bring back happy memories than an 80s themed party. It’s also one of the easiest party themes to create, whether you’re hiring a venue or arranging a house party. The soundtrack couldn’t be simpler – a loop of 80s classics won’t go wrong – and lots of 80s memorabilia in the form of posters as your décor. Of course, it goes without saying that you should encourage your guests to come in 80s-style costume with big hair and neon a major part of the day!

18. A Night Sky Party

If you’re looking for unique themed party ideas that are perfect for indoors or outdoors, a night sky party could be ideal. If you’re celebrating during the summer months, your night time party could be taken to stratospheric levels with a night sky theme. Supply telescopes for stargazing, decorate your outdoor space with twinkling lights to represent the stars and supply glow-in-the-dark accessories for your guests to wear. You can even host the same themed party indoors. Keep your venue dark with black wall and ceiling coverings. Stick up some glow-in-the-dark stars and moons around the room and give your guests glow sticks.

19. A Colour Theme

Keep it elegant and sophisticated as well as colour coordinated with a single colour theme for your event. Whether you choose a classic black and white theme or something to suit the season, such as reds, greens and golds for a Christmas celebration or exotic tropical shades for summer garden party, it’s a great way to achieve a uniform look for your party and to simplify your birthday party planner checklist.

20. Hollywood Glamour

Whatever the nature of your celebration, there is nothing quite so beautiful and glamorous as a Hollywood themed party. Recapture the sophistication of movie-making’s golden age with glitzy décor and a formal dress code for your guests. You can decorate your buffet table with mini Oscars, have classic Hollywood music playing as your backing track and posters of celebrities on your walls.

Unique Themed Party Ideas – The Key To A Fantastic Celebration

Whichever of these party themes you choose from your event, you can be sure that your guests will have an amazing time. There’s no better way to make every attendee feel involved and engaged with the celebration than by choosing a fun and exciting theme, so whether you’re looking for something sophisticated and formal or something relaxed and entertaining, one of our ideas is sure to be perfect for you.