5 Awesome superhero party ideas for an unforgettable fun party


5 Awesome Superhero Party Ideas

Pow! Thwack! Boom! Whether their Superhero fave is a classic like superman or batman, or one of today’s heroes like Captain Marvel or Aquaman, your special little one is bound to love their superhero birthday party, and rightly so! But, if it’s your job to tackle the monumental task of arranging a superhero party for your son or daughter’s birthday, it can be difficult to think of ways to make it stand out. After all, superhero parties are still super popular today, and for good reason. Let’s be honest, many of us never grow out of our love for superheroes’. Superheroes have stood the test of time. A good superhero party is just as popular in 2019, as they’ve ever been.

When your special son or daughter is adamant that they want a superhero party for their birthday, you will need to call on your own superpowers to make your party triumph over the party ‘arch nemesis’, the dreaded ‘boring and forgettable party’! Initially, you may have thought that you can’t go wrong with a superhero themed party. However, the more you get into organising it, the more you realise that superhero parties deserve a super strong party theme to make the party really stand out.

If you’re looking for the latest superhero party ideas, to add some super theming to make sure your party packs a powerful punch of fun, you’re in the right place. In this article, we shine a light on some simply awesome superhero party ideas, to make sure that your special little one, and all their friends, can enjoy a superhero themed party that is sure to fly high!

These Amazingly Simple Superhero Party Ideas Can Save The Day!

1. Superhero invitations – what’s the story?

The key to throwing a super themed superhero party is all in the planning. Really want to throw a party that packs a punch? The first step is to get to know your superhero –

  • What’s your superhero’s backstory?
  • Where does he / she live?
  • What’s his / her look, including colour, logo, costume?
  • Does he / she have a sidekick?
  • Answering a few simple questions about your superhero, by reading Wikipedia, can really help you to personalise your theme.

A few simple ideas to create the ideal themed invitations are -

  • Invitation inspiration – you could use your computer to put together newspaper clipping invitations, for example to set the story of your child’s party being a battle between good and evil.
  • Disguise kits – you could make some simple disguise kits to hand out with the party invitations, for example masks or eye wear.
  • Make invitations that pack a punch – make sure your invitations are bold, bright and colourful, to match your superhero’s costume.

2. Party superfoods

We all know how much kids love party food. Whilst we don’t know much about the particular foods that make up our superheroes diet, our heroes costume, colours and logo are absolutely ideal to inspire our party food decoration. All sorts of food can be decorated in a superhero theme, with a little imagination.

Use superhero colours to decorate your party food with these simple ideas –

  • Superhero colours are ideal for making a matching cake stand, candy buffet or drinks bowl that really pops
  • Be sure to use superhero themed party plates, party cups and themed party table covers to keep the superhero theme consistent across the party.
  • If you’re feeling crafty, you could use tooth picks to attach logo cut-outs to sandwiches and cupcakes. Add personalised Boom, Pop or Thwack logos to the party food, to ensure the food table really packs a visual punch.

3. Super personalise the party

One of the hottest party trends for 2019 is personalisation. What better theme to inspire personalisation than a superhero party theme? Adding a few simple personalised touches can make all the difference and really make your child’s day truly special. Why not write ‘super’ before your child’s name, wherever you can, from the invitations to the party favours.

With just a few basic computer skills, it’s easy to personalise things with printed labels. If saving time is more important to you than saving money, buying pre-personalised party supplies is easier than you may think with online shopping. To save money and add a truly personal touch, handwritten personalisation can make even more of an impact.

A few super personal ideas to make your party truly unique –

  • Create a new superhero name for your child, you could even come up with a logo for them. Then simply add your child’s new superhero name to everything, including the cards, food labels, invitations, water bottles, cups, favour buckets and thank you cards.
  • Get your child to create a new superhero character for themselves. Why not ask your child to draw his or her very own character for the party? For a truly personalised party, you could use their very own character for the entire party theme.
  • Making capes, masks or glasses, to fix to food and drink containers, can add a fantastic touch to the party table.

4. Super fun games and heroic party activities

What fun party is complete without exciting games and party activities? Whilst the old classic party games will always be fun, a superhero party theme provides an opportunity to play games which make the party really stand out. Keep in mind that simple games are always fun. You don’t even need to giveaway fancy prizes when the winning is fun in itself.

Some simple ideas for super fun party games that the kids will love to play –

  • Your superhero party really doesn’t have to be expensive, with a little creative thinking. Why not make costumes for playing games in, from craft boxes or materials that you’ve already got in the house? For example, you could make cuffs and masks from felt, whilst vinyl tablecloths are ideal for making capes.
  • Keeping superhero skills honed takes training. So why not hold a superhero training session? Why not have a jumping competition? Nerf guns are ideal for target practice. You could make a toss in the box game from a spare cardboard box.
  • A fun game that is easy to make yourself is a superhero trivia game. A trivia game is a great way to test the kid’s knowledge of their favourite superheroes. With the internet at our fingertips, it’s easy to go online to find trivia facts. With superhero facts in hand, it’s easy write some trivia questions.

5. Super party bags – for the perfect finishing touch

No heroic party is complete without super party favours to giveaway at the end. Home time is not the time to lose the thread of your superhero theme. Handing out super party favours, in super party goodie bags, is the ideal way to bring a fantastic close to the proceedings. Why not make up superhero kits to go? Add suitable stickers, pencils, party notebooks , gliders and party sweets, to a superhero style party favour bucket or superhero party loot bag, and the kids will go home happy. After you’ve gone to so much trouble to make the party awesome, be sure to bring the party to a close with a supersized bang!

A few simple ideas to make sure that the kids will never forget the party –

  • Our Superhero themed party bags are the perfect way to add some super theming to the end of your child’s special event.
  • Superhero logo coloured sweets, in a Superhero loot bag, will always be a big hit
  • You could handout a medal of honour, to kids that have performed heroic actions during the party. Medals of honour are sure to give bragging rights to those awarded them.
  • Hero specific sweets can add that special finishing touch to the party bags. To find superhero themed sweets that match your theme, simply Google ‘your superhero’ plus ‘sweets’ i.e. ‘Superman sweets’. No matter which superheroes match your theme, the perfect candy for your themed party bags is just a simple web search away.