7 of the best 7th birthday party ideas in 2019

With oodles and oodles of kids’ party ideas out there on the web, it can be confusing. Don’t worry though, if you’re looking for the best 7 th birthday party ideas for 2019, you’re in the right place. We’re here to take the guesswork and hassle out of birthday party planning. We’ve rounded up some of all-time favourite magical party ideas for seven-year olds. Read on for all the inspiration you need to throw a themed birthday party that your growing up seven-year-old will never forget.

With a few simple tips, we can help you get all wrapped up in the party excitement. After all, we all remember those special birthday parties that stick in mind from our own childhood. As parents, the best thing is, we get to revel in all those special birthday occasions all over again! Let’s create fond memories together, with 7 of the best birthday party ideas.

Before the party starts

It seems like only yesterday that we were 7 years old ourselves. I’m sure you’re just like me in fondly remembering growing up, when we dreamed of the day we could organise our very own parties, events, weddings or sleepovers to our hearts content. Now that we’ve got children of our own, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in all the excitement of organising a magical party for our special little ones. Why not really make the most of that excitement and inspiration, by throwing a truly memorable birthday party that your birthday boy or girl will never forget.

Each to their own

7 is a big birthday. Your little cherub is rapidly moving through the ages, further away from childhood with every year rolling by. With kids growing up faster than ever today, no doubt your child is starting to form some stronger opinions about their preferred party theme. This is also the age that boys and girls are likely to start splitting off to have their own boys or girls only party. If they want to have a same sex party, that’s totally normal and it’s probably best to go along with that. Just be sensitive to avoiding any hurt feelings and it’s probably advisable to distribute invitations discreetly, to save any of your child’s wider friends feeling left out.

Party planning tips

As with any event, throwing a great birthday party requires some prep. Before your blood pressure starts to rise though, you really only need to think through a few important things in advance. A little help can really help to oil the fun wheels at party time. More hands make for lighter work, so below we’ve outlined a few simple things that you can ask other parents, older children or your partner to help out with on the day.

As you’re planning the party (like right now), a great tip is to keep a notebook handy. If you write down what you think you might need help with during the party, it will be easy to show the ‘help list’ to helpful parents and friends on the day.

If you’ve got the following tasks covered by adult helpers or older children, during the party, you’ll have more time to enjoy the party yourself. After all, when you’re going to this much trouble to make sure it’s special, you don’t want to watch the whole event from behind your camera screen.

It’s great to have help with things like:

  • Pictures –a couple of adults taking snaps will capture those special moments and memories.
  • Cake cutting – a helper can cut the cake after the pics have been taken.
  • Ice cream serving – scoop the ice cream into dishes during the cutting of the cake, so the kids can dip straight in to their cake and ice cream.
  • Arty activities – it’s invaluable to have an adult supervisor watching over the birthday activities, to make sure the kids have everything they need to enjoy the party fun.
  • Party game referee – have an older child or adult be on-hand to take over the games, to set things up, explain the rules, or mediate disagreements, to keep the competition positive and fun.
  • Inventory – writing down who the gifts are from is really handy when it’s time to write thank you notes after the party.
  • Cool down zone – an adult that can gently remove a difficult or upset child, so they can chill out, reset and return to the party.

Party theme ideas

Organising an incredible 7th birthday party the kids will never forget is easier when you’ve got a great party theme. The best news is that, these days, we’re spoilt for choice with a whole exciting world of creative party ideas to get the birthday bash off to a flying start. The only stresses are choosing a theme from the huge party platter of fun themes out there. No worries! We’re here to provide the push of inspiration you need to pick a fun theme that brings together the celebration.

Monster mash party theme

Why not bring on the monsters, to give the kids a little taste of Halloween fun on the big day? A great monster party is ideal for bringing a bit of gross-out to proceedings, with a whole heap of fun to boot. What’s even better, a great monster party will make sure the guest of honour, and their friends, don’t turn into bored little monsters. Your party monsters can range from silly to scary. It’s best to consider the maturity levels of the party goers. If in doubt, it’s probably best to play it safe and go for giggles over shrieks.

Monster party game – a wrap up game is always a big hit with the kids. Even better, this wrap up game is easy to setup, active and monumentally fun. What’s more, a monster party game doesn’t have to be devilishly expensive. Divide the kids up into two teams. Each team gets a loo roll. The simple objective is to wrap up the ‘mummy’, in loo roll, as quickly as possible!

Monstrously good party favours – monster party themes are ideal for girls and boys. You’re not going to be short of party decoration or party favour ideas either. Monster party themes are quirky, colourful and fun. It’s easy to get party decorations with monster wow factor, including party balloons, party banner decorations and all the themed party supplies you need. When it’s time to hand out the parting gifts, we’ve got you covered here at Fun Party Bags. Simply head over to our incredible monster party bags, scarily good finishing touches for a monster celebration are a mere click away.

Sports day party theme

If your guest of honour is an active kid, maybe just starting to get into team sports, a sporty or athletic party can be a winner. If your little cherub has a favourite sport, it makes sense to organise the party events around that. You could also design an active party around a range of different sports.

Sports obstacle game – sports parties are ideal for an outdoor party in summer. A great outdoor or indoor party game is a football obstacle course. Split the kids into two teams. Let them show off their dribbling skills as they negotiate the fun barriers and tricky hurdles that you lay out. Remember to make the course easy enough for the less skilled players to complete. Why not hand out prizes for individual time and best team performance? To keep everyone included, you could also hand out special ‘player of the match’ awards.

Party favours sure to score highly - whether you go for a mini Olympics, or stick to one sport, such as football party, rugby or gymnastics party, you’ll soon see that we’re well stocked with winning themed party decorations and party supplies here at Fun Party Bags. Simply head over to our football party bags and football party supplies , we’ve got all you need for a trophy winning football party.

Arty farty studio party

At seven years old, your special one has no doubt grown out of finger painting. The great news is that their budding art skills mean it’s easy to setup a creative party. A well-planned art party truly is a work of party art! Don’t forget to make it clear on the invitations that this is an art party, so the kids are dressed for arty mess. Why not get your child to design their invitations, to really get them at the heart of the arty experience?

Lifesize portraits arty party game – getting the kids to paint their own life-size portraits is great fun. This game requires a bit of prep, by going online in advance, to get hold of a big roll of white paper. As each guest arrives at the party, get them to lie down on the paper. Trace out their entire body outline, to put down their full-size silhouette. Don’t forget to leave enough room to label their outline with their name. When all the kids have been traced, break out the markers, paints, chalks and stickers, stand back and watch the fun unfold as the kids colour their very own life-size portrait.

Arty party favours – you could hand out paint sets, colourful party stickers, party colouring pencils and many other colourful party bag fillers.

Other great party games for 7-year olds

In case the party games above aren’t quite enough to pack the entire party with fun, here are a few other classic party games for 7-year olds that are sure to be a big hit.

Phone game

For this modern update to Chinese whispers, get the kids to sit in a circle. Birthday boy or girl starts first. Get them to whisper a sentence to the person next to them on the right. Then they pass the message on to the next person on their right, and so-on. Once the message has been around the circle, and back to the child next to the birthday child starter, the last child with the message reads what’s been passed to them. Then the birthday child reads out their original message. Lots of giggles as the kids see how much the repeated message has changed! The fun starts over again, with the next person sending their whisper off round the circle.

Water relay game

Split the kids into two groups for this super fun water relay game. The objective is for the teams to move the water from one side of the playing area to the other using spoons. Of course, any water game is ideal for a summer party as all the kids get happily soaked. Start off with a large tub filled with water at the far side, with two equal sized smaller containers at the team’s starting points. The kids run to the tub, get some water on their spoon and carry it back to fill their team’s container.

Daft racing games

Split the children into two teams, to play one or all of these super fun racing challenges. Hold relay racing games where the kids have to:

  • Hold a balloon between the heads of the team members.
  • Hold balloons in-between their legs.
  • Balance a book or other fun item on their heads.
  • Skip with a rope and sing a nursery rhyme or happy birthday whilst skipping.
  • Bounce a football or basketball.

Next steps to the perfect party bags and party favours

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