8 Unique party bag filler ideas for amazing personalised party bags

Make amazing personalised party bags with unique party bag fillers.

There’s lots of good reasons to make-up your very own personalised party bags with unique party bag fillers. Not only can you save money by creating your own party bags, making personalised party bags means you can hand out unique loot bags that are sure to send guests home happy.

By putting together your own personalised party bags, you can really tailor them to fit perfectly with your party theme. What’s even better about personalised party bags? You can pack them full of your little one’s favourite things. Unique party bags bring the perfect ending to a perfect party. Let’s create unique personalised party bags that your special little one will never forget.

No doubt your child and their friends can’t wait for the big day. Preparing for a special celebration should be a time of fun, excitement and anticipation. However, as the party organiser, you may well be getting more than a little stressed by the dozens of things you need to do to make sure the event goes without a hitch. As parents, there’s a heap of things to think about to organise an amazing birthday celebration. Now that you’re here, getting amazingly party bags, to round off the party in style, is one important task that you can cross off your party planning checklist.

With our online party supplies shop, it’s never been easier to find the great party bag fillers you need to put a smile on the party guests faces.

Create personalised party bags to make fond memories

If you’re looking for perfect party bag fillers, to create unique party bags the kids will love, you’re in the right place. With the party bag inspirations in this article, you won’t be short of creative party bag ideas that are guaranteed to send kids home happy.

Back in the day, we didn’t expect anything more in our party bags than a slice of cake, a few sweets and balloons. How times have changed. Today’s kids have far higher expectations. We got to thinking, we take great care and pride in creating unique pre-filled party bags for special birthdays. If you’re determined to create your own personalised party bags, we also want to help you make party bags that are just as special. With that in mind, in this post, we’ve put together our top ideas for unique party bag fillers. With these great ideas to work from, you can put together the right party bags to match your child’s preferences and your party theme.

Arty party bag fillers

Packing your party bags with art or craft activities is one of the best ways to create party bags that won’t just end up in the trash after just a few minutes. Party colouring books are a great party bag filler that will keep the kids entertained long after they get home. A colouring book, a pack of party bag pencils and party bag stickers makes for a great loot bag combo.

It’s easy to find appropriate colouring books to match any party theme. Here at Fun Party Bags, we also stock party bag pencils in all of the most popular party themes, from bricks theme pencils and dinosaur party pencils , to princess pencils and unicorn theme pencils. Simply pop into your themed loot bags, to make a great little stationery gift set.

Puzzle party bag fillers

Kids love a challenge, so why not give them a fun educational party bag filler that will get their problem-solving gears going? Here at our party supplies store, you can find a great range of party bag puzzles in all of today’s most popular party themes.

The great thing about party bag puzzles is that they provide hours of fun for a relatively small cash outlay. Kids can while hours away with a good puzzle and the only time they will be thrown in the rubbish is when pieces go missing. Browse our range of party bag puzzles and you’re bound to find quality party bag toys to create interactive party bags.

From superhero puzzles and pirate puzzles , to farm theme puzzles and unicorn puzzles , we most likely have the ideal puzzles to match your boy’s or girl’s party theme. With just a few simple clicks, engaging party bag toys will be on their way to you. In no time at all, your personalised party loot bags will be stuffed full of problem-solving fun.

In the event that we don’t happen to have the right puzzles for your personalised party bags, your local pound store is sure to stock a range of puzzles that may suit you better. You could opt for nostalgic classics from your childhood, like marbles, or even travel-size versions of classics such as Snakes And Ladders and Connect Four.

Sports party bag fillers

If the kids have played a sports activity during the party, why not let them take the sports equipment home with them at the party’s end? Maybe you’ve thrown a football theme party , basketball, netball party or even played frisbees or with party gliders . At least if the kids take away the equipment, it saves you from some of the tidying up afterwards. After all, do you really need 20 mini footballs cluttering up your garage for months or years to come?

With the take-home sports equipment, your young guests carry on the fun to their hearts content after the party is over. What’s more, parents will love that you’ve given the kids a practical gift that encourages them to get outside and be active. Your parting sporty gifts will bring back fond party memories each time the kids take them out to play in future.

Party notebooks

Children like nothing better than getting creative, so why not keep them creatively entertained by popping a cool party notepad, party pencils and colouring pens into their personalised loot bags. View our amazing range of themed party notebooks, colouring activity books and party stationery gifts.

Quality party bag fillers are just a click or two away now that you’re here at Fun Party Bags. A perfect addition to any loot bag, you can find party notebooks in a great selection of colours, styles and themes. Whether you’re looking for princess notebooks and unicorn notebooks, or monster notebooks and smiley face notebooks, small stationery gifts are an engaging and they won’t be thrown into the bin anytime soon.

Sweet selection boxes

Even in the health-conscious world that we live in today, which children’s birthday is really complete without some party treats to satisfy a sweet young tooth? Nothing says birthday party quite like a generous helping of delicious party sweets.

To really get the kids taste buds tingling, why not take the extra step to create a sweetie selection box. At any age, half the fun of party food is in the presentation. Simply take a few big handfuls of mixed party sweets and pack into a bright and colourful party favour bucket, sweet cone or suitably themed loot bags.

While you’re here, be sure to browse our online party supplies shop. Take a few minutes to have some fun discovering ourkids party sweets, favour buckets, sweet cones and sweetie gifts. With a couple of clicks, your party sweets will be on their way to your home ready to be mixed. Take your sweet selection mix, pop into a themed favour bucket or sweet cone, and voila! All you need to do now is hand out the sweetie gifts to your hungry little guests at the end of the party.

To add a personalised touch to your sweet selection cones, simply add appropriate party stickers to match your party theme.

Baking kit party bag fillers

If your special little one loves baking, you can create baking party bag kits that are as complete or as small as you like. For a simple and cute baking gift, cookie cutters are ideal. If you want to go the extra mile, you can upscale by including a fuller baking set. Options include children’s aprons, wooden spoons and small jars filled with various ingredients. With a baking party bag kit, the possibilities are endless.

Before you hand out your baking kits, be sure to check whether any of the kids have any allergies. Of course, it’s important that you don’t send the kids home with any ingredients that could make them ill! When you’re going to all the trouble of creating special baking kits, you certainly don’t want to create issues that leave a sour taste!

Face paints

What could be more fun than packing your party bags with face paints? Sending the kids home with colourful face paints in their loot bags is a great way for them to continue the creativity when they get home. Party bag face paints are a particularly good choice if face painting has been a big hit during the party entertainment.

You could even include a brush or sponge, to fill-out the loot bags. Even better than that, there are loads of free printable face painting templates available to download online. If you need a little inspiration, simply find face paint templates that fit neatly in with your party theme.

Plant pots and seeds

If you’re having a summer party or an outdoor party, small mini plant pots and packets of seeds make for a creative and unique party bag filler. Simply pickup some small plastic plant pots from your local DIY store, supermarket or garden centre. Pop the packets of seeds neatly into the plant pots and they’re ready to present to guests at home time.

Plants are a gift that keeps on giving! Your little planting sets are sure to make for a lovely party favour for summer parties. The budding little gardeners can plant and water the seeds at home with their families. Even better, they will be reminded of all the fun they enjoyed at your child’s party whenever they look at their plant. Fond memories will come flooding back over weeks and months as they watch their plants grow.

You could also jazz up and personalise the plant pots with party stickers to match your party theme.

Themed loot bags are the perfect finishing touch

As you’ve gone to some effort to create your own personalised party bags, filled with unique party bag fillers, it’s only fitting that you pack the goodies into loot bags that fit perfectly with your party theme. For boys or girls themed loot bags that provide the ideal finishing touch, you’re in the right place. Look no further than our great loot bags collection here at Fun Party Bags.

Whether you prefer plastic or paper birthday loot bags, you can browse a wide range of colours and styles here on at our online party shop. From football loot bags and jungle loot bags, to unicorn loot bags and princess loot bags, you’re sure to find the ideal party bags to hold the goodies in style.

Get all your amazing party essentials in just a few clicks

Of course, party bags are only one (albeit important) element of a great themed birthday celebration. Planning a children’s birthday party isn’t every parents favourite job but we’re here to help make it so much easier. As a leading UK party store, we offer a complete range of great party essentials. Head over to our online party shop now and you’ll find the party supplies, party decorations and all the party stuff you need to throw a memorable event. Before you leave our site, don’t forget to add the perfect finishing touches to your celebration.