Fun party supplies for adults – 3 best party bag ideas for fun adult parties

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Do you need to arrange a special party for an adult in your life? Are you keen to make your event stand out from the crowd? One way to do it is to give out party bags at the end of the celebration. If you thought that party bags were just for kids, it’s time to think again. More people than ever before are recognising the need to hand out party favours after any kind of party, whether for adults or children. Just think – a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without favours would it? Now, that has spread to all other types of party too and adults everywhere are presenting their friends and family members with party bags at the end of the night that take them back to their childhood!

Party bags are a great addition to any kind of party. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, retirement, stag or hen night, baby shower or seasonal event or whether you’re just hosting a party for the fun of it, giving your guests little gifts to say thank you for coming is a great way to end the event on a high.

If you want to make your celebration a memorable one, you’re going to need some fun party supplies for adults. While there are lots of party fillers that are perfect for children’s parties , you might need a little help to find inspiration when it comes to finding party bag ideas for adults that really hit the spot. After all, most adults aren’t going to want to receive a bag full of plastic toys, crayons and stickers! Luckily, we’re experts in all things party-related, so here are three of our very best suggestions for luxury party bags that are perfect for all types of event, so whether you’re hosting an all-female, all-male or unisex event, we’ve got some great ideas that are sure to impress.

1. The Fun Ladies Party Bag

Is there anything more fun than getting the girls together for a party? Whether to celebrate a birthday, a hen do or just to enjoy a seasonal occasion, an all-female celebration is a source of great entertainment for everyone.

The good news for anyone arranging a girls-only event is that there are lots of brilliant ideas for things to give away as party favours. There is no shortage of fun party supplies for adults that are just perfect for a group of girls who just want to have fun.

The key to knowing what to put in each bag lies in the type of event you’re going to be hosting. Are you going to have a pamper party? If so, the best luxury party bag fillers include body butters, lip balms, moisturisers, cosmetics and haircare products. Most ladies love the opportunity to treat themselves to a pedicure, manicure or a facial, so what better gifts to give away after your celebration than some pampering items that allow them to do just that. If you’re on a budget, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune. There are lots of affordable bodycare and cosmetic products available in discount stores and online in multipacks that can easily be split up and divided amongst your guests. You could even break with tradition and hand out your party favours before the celebration gets started so that you can all try out your beauty products at the pamper party itself.

If you’ve chosen one of the classy party themes for your all-girls celebration, you can carry that theme on through your party bags. Small bottles of sparkling wine, some cheap diamante or cubic zirconia jewellery and a small pack of luxury chocolates would be a fantastic way to say thank you for attending a special event.

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2. The Men’s Only Party Bag

Although men may not be most associated with party bags, the fact remains that they are just as impressed by unique party ideas as anyone else. Whether you’re arranging a birthday party for a bunch of guys or even a stag do, there are lots of fun party supplies which are perfect for commemorating this sort of occasion.

While girls are more interested in personal items and cosmetics, guys are more likely to be impressed by gadgets, toys and unusual gifts. Keeping it light and humorous is often the way forward, and, depending on the tone of your event, you could make it a little risqué.

Let’s take a look at some of the best items to put in a party bag for guys.

If you’re having a drink-fuelled celebration, you might want to give out party bags with spirit miniatures or bottles of craft beer. Of course, this won’t work for any teetotal guests, but if you know your attendees well, you’ll already be aware of their favourite tipples and will be able to buy accordingly.

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It might also be amusing to add some funny touches to your party bag such as some hangover headache tablets or bottles of Lucozade.

Guys tend to like gifts that they can play with, and we all know that most men never grow up! You can play on this theme by choosing alternative party bag ideas such as playing cards, poker chips, magic tricks or even something a little more crude like a Whoopee cushion or fart machine. For some guys, the less tasteful the better!

If you’d rather keep it tasteful, there are some exciting and fun party supplies that won’t risk offending any of your guests. Mini tool kits, themed socks, keyrings, stress balls or shot glasses are all good choices to add to your party bags

3. The Unisex Party Bag

Perhaps the most challenging purchases of all have to be fun party supplies for an event with guests that include both men and women. Of course, you could have two separate types of bags, one for guys and one for girls, but that might be a bit divisive in our modern world! Looking for unique party bag ideas that work for both sexes is therefore the best way forward. Unisex party bags needn’t be as difficult to fill as you might think.

Let’s take a look at things that both men and women enjoy.

Who doesn’t love chocolates and alcohol? Well, there’s always going to be someone who bucks the trend, but for most partygoers, receiving a party bag with some sweet treats and a small bottle of wine, beer or spirits will hit the spot perfectly. If you’d rather keep away from either of these ideas, you could always go for a stylish or themed pen or pencil, a mug, unisex funny socks, candles, small bags of sugared almonds, or themed keyrings are all good choices.

Choosing A Theme

If you’re determined to find unique party bags ideas for your adult celebration, you might find it easier to choose a theme for the occasion. It’s easier to come up with a party shopping list and ideas for fun party supplies if you already have a theme for the occasion in mind. Of course, sometimes the theme of the event will be obvious. For example, if you’re hosting a Christmas party, having a festive, holiday theme is the obvious answer. You can then focus your food, décor and, of course, party bags, on the Christmas theme. This makes it much simpler to plan all the party necessities in advance. This also works if you’re hosting a party to celebrate the finale of a TV show or the release of a big movie. You can easily fill a party bag with trinkets that are relevant to the show or movie which will be a lasting reminder to commemorate the occasion.

Once you have a theme in mind, it becomes a lot quicker and easier to find party bag ideas that fit around that theme. For example, if you’re hosting an event with summer party themes such as a Hawaiian luau or tropical beach party, you can choose party bag fillers that complement that theme. Miniature bottles of white rum, coconut scented candles or bodycare products, pineapple flavoured sweets and a flower lei make up a wonderfully themed party bag that your guests will love. If you’re going for classy party themes such as a sparkle and shine party or Hollywood glamour-themed event, you can fill your paper party bags with 35cl bottles of sparkling wine or champagne, small boxes of luxury truffles, sparkling jewellery or cufflinks, or luxuriously packaged soaps and bath bombs would all be ideal for such an event.

Party Bags On A Budget

Are you excited about the idea of finding alternative party bag ideas for the adults attending your party but just can’t afford to spend a lot of money? If you’re arranging a party on a shoestring, there’s no need to panic. There are still lots of fun party supplies which you can buy for minimal cost and which will be perfect for rewarding your guests for their attendance. Bags of sweets or mini packs of chocolates always go down well with guests of any age, and can be bought cheaply in bulk. Multipacks of bath bombs or soaps can be found in discount stores and divided between guests for more affordable party favours. Anyway, adult guests should know that it isn’t about how much you spend, it’s the thought that counts!

How To Distribute Party Bags To Adult Guests

While it’s traditional to hand out party bags at children’s parties at the end of the event, you don’t need to feel tied to that custom when it comes to adult parties. Sometimes, it makes sense to hand them out at the beginning of the event. We already looked at the possibility of handing out pamper party bags for girls at the start of the party so that the recipients can use their products during the course of the occasion. This can work for other types of party too. For example, if you’re hosting a party to celebrate a sporting event such as the World Cup Final, you could have football themed party bags which contain all the essentials for enjoying the match. Small bags of popcorn and nachos, a can of beer and a rattle or whistle which can be used at key moments of the game will all add to the enjoyment of the occasion and you can be sure that your gifts will be well used!

Should Grown Ups Be Receiving Party Bags?

Having said all of the above, let’s address the elephant in the room – should we be giving adults party bags at all? At one time, the answer would have been no. Party bags were purely the preserve of children and all the unusual party bag ideas were purely for kids. However times change. Now, we’ve begun to realise that adults shouldn’t be excluded from all the fun. After all, what is a party bag for if not to say thank you for coming to the celebration. So we should be thanking our adult guests too as well as our young ones! Wedding favours for guests have long been the norm, so it stands to reason that this is now spreading beyond the traditional to other types of party too. If favours are ok at weddings, they’re ok at birthdays, graduations, retirements, anniversaries and baby showers too!

Adults are also more likely to be grateful when they receive a party bag than a child! Adults appreciate just how hard it is to arrange a party and they’ll really appreciate being thanked for their attendance with a small gift at the end of the day. Finding fun party supplies with which to thanks your guests certainly won’t be a waste of time and it’ll also guarantee that your party will be the hottest ticket in town!