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  1. Unique Party Bag Ideas – 5 Alternative Party Bag Ideas For Children’s Parties

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    Planning a birthday party for your child can be a major challenge for a parent. After all, there always seems to be countless things to arrange, buy and sort. If you’re using a hired venue, you’re going to need to liaise with entertainers, suppliers and caterers. However, if you’re hosting a party in the house, you’re still going to have a lot to do, from finding decorations to preparing suitable food that you can serve to fussy children. Whatever kind of celebration you’re responsible for arranging, something which often ends up close to the bottom of your list is party bags.

    When you’re creating a party shopping list, you’ll probably realise that there is a surprisingly large number of items that you’re going to have to add to it. However, it’s vital that you don’t forget the party favours! Every

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  2. 8 Unique party bag filler ideas for amazing personalised party bags

    Make amazing personalised party bags with unique party bag fillers.

    There’s lots of good reasons to make-up your very own personalised party bags with unique party bag fillers. Not only can you save money by creating your own party bags, making personalised party bags means you can hand out unique loot bags that are sure to send guests home happy.

    By putting together your own personalised party bags, you can really tailor them to fit perfectly with your party theme. What’s even better about personalised party bags? You can pack them full of your little one’s favourite things. Unique party bags bring the perfect ending to a perfect party. Let’s create unique personalised party bags that your special little one will never forget.

    No doubt your child and their friends can’t wait for the big day. Preparing for a special celebration should be a time of fun, excitement and anticipation. However, as the party organiser, you may well

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  3. 10 brilliant children’s party themes the kids are sure to love

    Don’t just dig out the same tired balloons, banners and cake decorations for your son or daughter’s birthday party this year. Let’s get creative, with this guide to the hottest fun children’s party themes for 2019. From letting the kids get experimental, with a mad scientist party, to an active escape room party adventure, to creating magic with unicorns, these brilliant children’s party themes are sure to make the latest birthday milestone truly memorable.

    Our kids are special, so let’s throw a brilliant themed children’s party the guest of honour, and all their friends, will never forget. If you’re looking for incredibly fun party theme inspiration… read on. We’re shining a light on 10 brilliant children’s party themes for a spectacular birthday party the kids are sure to love. Below, we’ve brought together a party platter of favourite themes, fun games, spectacular supplies and decoration inspiration, including this year’s hottest party trends.

    Mad Scientist Party

    The kids will love getting hands on with the experiments, at your super science themed birthday bash. Of course, every mad scientist needs to look the part and what could be more fun than donning lab coats and safety googles to really get the kids into the mood for activities. There are loads of great ‘safe’ experiments to get the kids involved with during the party. Simply type pretend potion recipes into Google, for tons of fun party experiments the kids will have mad fun with.

    Llama Party

    With the new Netflix show Llama Llama being one of the hottest fads on kids TV today, Llama parties are all the rage in 2019. Who doesn’t love a cute and fluffy Llama? The days when every little girl demanded a unicorn party may be numbered. In fact, dare we say… the Llamas are taking over! Llama parties are quickly overtaking the unicorns as the go-to party themes for today’s little girls.

    With Llama parties being flavour of the year for an on-trend girl’s birthday bash this year, it’s no surprise that this is the theme your little girl is demanding. Your next question is likely to be, how do I get started? No worries, here we’ve got some great Llama party tips, to ensure that you nail the Llama Llama character theme with authenticity.

    Simply follow a few of these tips to throw a birthday bash based on the hit show Llama Llama -

    Red pyjamas at the ready - Llama Llama famously sports a pair of bright red pyjamas. What could be more fun as birthday dress code for the kids?

    Red party supplies everywhere - from party invitations, to balloons, decorations and party cake toppers, red has to be the running colour theme throughout the entire party.

    Llama Llama activity packs - are just a Google search away. Keep the kids entertained with some of the many party games, activities and craft packs inspired by the hit show.

    Llama birthday cakes and biscuits - why not get the kids baking their own cakes or biscuits, to combine the party into a mini baking party? There are loads of Llama baking recipes available online.

    Escape Room Party

    Another party craze for 2019, especially for older children and tweens, is an escape room party. A DIY escape room party is sure to be a hit. What’s better, it’s easier than you may think to throw an escape room party at home and it can even be done if you’re watching your pennies. Let’s take a look at a few ideas to throw the ultimate escape room party, for your growing adventurers. A little effort in bringing together custom invitations, escape games, secret missions, themed food and fun favours, and the kids will truly love their escape room adventure.

    A few tips to throw the ultimate escape room party include

    Escape room themed invitations - are widely available to buy online or you can download free templates to print at home. With escape room parties being so popular right now, there are loads of escape room invitation print themes out there.

    Escape room games – there are also a good number of escape room games available to buy online. If you’re on a budget, there are plenty of print out games available to download online for free. Take a look at these great escape room games that will provide a fun and intriguing puzzle solving activity to build the party around –

    • Dr Gravely’s Retreat Escape Room Game – a board game for 3 – 8 players, aged 13 up. Check out eBay or Amazon for this great board game.
    • Exit The Game: Murder On The Orient Express – this ‘escape room in a box’ is a suspense filled murder mystery game for 1 – 4 players, who are 12 years and up.
    • DIY escape room tutorials – if you’re on a budget, there are loads of great tutorials available online, to create your very own escape room at home.
    • Crepe paper maze – making a crepe paper maze in your hallway is a fun activity that can be a great warm-up activity for the party. Simply string red crepe paper or coloured string across multiple points in a hallway. The kids will really get into making their way through the maze whilst trying to avoid touching the paper.

    A DIY crepe paper maze is a great activity for your escape room party at home.

    Scavenger Hunt Party

    The good old treasure hunt is still one of the most fun party games you can play, for children of all ages. Here are two main types of scavenger hunt to lead the kids to the ultimate prize. These fun games provide a mega fun scavenger hunt party the kids will be thrilled with.

    The treasure hunt scavenger hunt

    With the treasure hunt kind of scavenger hunt, you essentially get the kids to solve a bunch of clues or riddles that are hidden in various places throughout the house or venue. The kids playing the scavenger hunt are given the first clue card. They have to work out the riddle, which leads them to the next hidden clue card. The clue cards continue, eventually leading to finding the final prize and hidden treasure at the end.

    There are loads of ‘treasure hunt clue cards’ available to buy online or download and print at home.

    The find this list of things scavenger hunt

    Another type of scavenger hunt, that’s super fun, quite easy to setup and sure to keep the kids entertained, is the ‘find these things’ type of hunt. A hot trend for 2019 is the photo scavenger hunt. Get the kids hunting round the house to find the list of hidden things. In a photo scavenger hunt, they take a picture of the treasures they find, or you can get them snapping themselves doing a certain action at the location. There are loads of photo scavenger hunts available online to download and print. Of course, it’s even better if you make the list of things related to the party theme, for example by hiding unicorns, dinosaurs, Llama’s or whichever fits with the party theme.

    Lego Party

    Lego parties remain one of the hottest trends for kid’s parties over recent years, and it’s not hard to understand why! A Lego theme party is sure to knock block socks off your special little one and their friends. If your son or daughter loves Lego, let’s build up the ultimate party for them here, party brick by party brick.

    Planning a Lego party doesn’t have to be as painful as accidentally stepping on a Lego brick! Throwing a well-built bricks party theme is easy with Fun Party Bags. We’ve got a range of great Lego bricks party bags , to make sure the construction mad party guests go home happy. We can sort you out with amazing brick loot bags, but what about other top ideas to create an amazing Lego themed party? Here are our top tips, to build a great Lego party for the kids –

    DIY brick theme invitations - making Lego brick invitations is pretty easy, using coloured card, a one-inch hole punch and 3D foam tape.

    Brick invitations to buy - there are also loads of printable invitations to download online.

    Lego bricks party decorations - put Lego bricks into any vessels you can to make a display, including fruit bowels, hand soap dispensers and flower vases.

    Lego themed party food - make party food and snack containers by wrapping a tissue box with wrapping paper, cut a few holes and put plastic cups in them, ready to fill with sweets, nibbles and party foods.

    DIY bricks inspired decorations - make all the cool Lego party decorations you need with this super easy Lego party bunting. Simply use coloured stock card and a circle cutter (which are easy to find online).

    Lego men party cups and plates - A black marker pen is all you need to turn plain yellow party cups and plates into amazing Lego themed party supplies.

    Unicorns Party

    Which little princess doesn’t love unicorns? As parents, of course, we want to fill our special little girl’s party with as much party magic as we can. What could be more special than a magical unicorn party? Once you’ve made the great choice of opting for a unicorn party, the realisation will probably hit you about just how much party planning it can take to produce a magical unicorn party. Don’t stress, our unicorn party ideas can take the hassle out of throwing a unicorn party experience that’s full of wonder for your little guests. After all, if you’re looking for all the magical party supplies you need to create magic memories, you’re in the right place here at Fun Party Bags. We stock a great range of perfect unicorn party supplies, including unicorn party bags, party gifts and unicorn party bag fillers.

    To complete your magical unicorn birthday experience, here are a few great ideas for exciting invitations, rainbow decorations and sweet deserts to throw a unicorn party that your little princess will never forget –

    Unicorn birthday invitations – from pretty unicorn

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  4. 7 of the best 7th birthday party ideas in 2019

    With oodles and oodles of kids’ party ideas out there on the web, it can be confusing. Don’t worry though, if you’re looking for the best 7 th birthday party ideas for 2019, you’re in the right place. We’re here to take the guesswork and hassle out of birthday party planning. We’ve rounded up some of all-time favourite magical party ideas for seven-year olds. Read on for all the inspiration you need to throw a themed birthday party that your growing up seven-year-old will never forget.

    With a few simple tips, we can help you get all wrapped up in the party excitement. After all, we all remember those special birthday parties that stick in mind from our own childhood. As parents, the best thing is, we get to revel in all those special birthday occasions all over again! Let’s create fond memories together, with 7 of the best birthday party ideas.

    Before the party starts

    It seems like only yesterday that we were 7 years old ourselves. I’m sure you’re just like me in fondly remembering growing up, when we dreamed of the day we could organise our very own parties, events, weddings or sleepovers to our hearts content. Now that we’ve got children of our own, it’s hard not to get wrapped up in all the excitement of organising a magical party for our special little ones. Why not really make the most of that excitement and inspiration, by throwing a truly memorable birthday party that your birthday boy or girl will never forget.

    Each to their own

    7 is a big birthday. Your little cherub is rapidly moving through the ages, further away from childhood with every year rolling by. With kids growing up faster than ever today, no doubt your child is starting to form some stronger opinions about their preferred party theme. This is also the age that boys and girls are likely to start splitting off to have their own boys or girls only party. If they want to have a same sex party, that’s totally normal and it’s probably best to go along with that. Just be sensitive to avoiding any hurt feelings and it’s probably advisable to distribute invitations discreetly, to save any of your child’s wider friends feeling left out.

    Party planning tips

    As with any event, throwing a great birthday party requires some prep. Before your blood pressure starts to rise though, you really only need to think through a few important things in advance. A little help can really help to oil the fun wheels at party time. More hands make for lighter work, so below we’ve outlined a few simple things that you can ask other parents, older children or your partner to help out with o

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  5. 5 Awesome superhero party ideas for an unforgettable fun party


    5 Awesome Superhero Party Ideas

    Pow! Thwack! Boom! Whether their Superhero fave is a classic like superman or batman, or one of today’s heroes like Captain Marvel or Aquaman, your special little one is bound to love their superhero birthday party, and rightly so! But, if it’s your job to tackle the monumental task of arranging a superhero party for your son or daughter’s birthday, it can be difficult to think of ways to make it stand out. After all, superhero parties are still super popular today, and for good reason. Let’s be honest, many of us never grow out of our love for superheroes’. Superheroes have stood the test of time. A good superhero party is just as popular in 2019, as they’ve ever been.

    When your special son or daughter is adamant that they want a superhero party for their birthday, you will need to call on your own su

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  6. Fun party supplies for adults – 3 best party bag ideas for fun adult parties

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    Do you need to arrange a special party for an adult in your life? Are you keen to make your event stand out from the crowd? One way to do it is to give out party bags at the end of the celebration. If you thought that party bags were just for kids, it’s time to think again. More people than ever before are recognising the need to hand out party favours after any kind of party, whether for adults or children. Just think – a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding without favours would it? Now, that has spread to all other types of party too and adults everywhere are presenting their friends and family members with party bags at the end of the night that take them back to their childhood!

    Party bags are a great addition to any kind of party. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, birthday, retirement, stag or hen night, baby shower

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  7. 20 Unique themed party ideas that will make everyone want to be on the guest list

    Photo of Women Wearing Masks

    If you’re hosting a celebration or special event, it can be difficult to make your party really stand out from the crowd. One way to achieve this goal is to choose a theme for the occasion that will set the perfect tone. Although it might sound difficult to plan around a theme, in fact it simplifies the process of arranging a big celebration. A theme will direct most of the decisions for you, helping to narrow down your options and make planning much quicker and easier. The only challenge lies in coming up with unique themed party ideas that will really get your guests excited. With that in mind, we’re bringing you our expert tips for creative party themes for adults that will get everybody buzzing about attending your event.

    1. The African Savannah Party

    Whether you’re a fan of the Lion King or whether you just love the idea of a jungle theme, an African savannah party could be the perfect way to celebrate any occasion. Of course, you could always feel free to dress up as the animals of your choice, but if you’re looking for something a little more sophisticated, why not opt for a theme of animal print clothing instead? You can decorate your venue with plenty of greenery and African-inspired décor for a truly wild party.

    2. An Under The Sea Event

    Under The Sea is a theme which may be most closely associated with high school dances, but it’s a great spin to add to any event. There are lots of sources of inspiration for costumes and décor here, from mermaids and dolphins to coral and shells. Your décor can range from the extravagant to the subtle, but make sure that you only use environmentally friendly party necessities like balloons and straws – after all, we don’t want to damage the oceans!

    3. A Nautical Theme

    Perhaps you’re hosting your party by the sea or a river, or even on a boat? What could be better than a nautical themed party? There’s plenty of options here, from a fun pirate theme to a more sophisticated blue and white colour scheme. Decorate your venue with seaside memorabilia such as fishing nets and, instead of paper party bags, consider using small boxes for your party favours that look like treasure chests.

    4. All That Glitters

    If you’re looking for more classy party themes, why not plan a sparkle and shine party? Glitter and shimmer is a fantastic theme, especially if you’re looking for unique themed party ideas for the holiday season. Encourage your guests to wear their fanciest and most sparkly clothing, decorate your venue with tinsel and sequins and prepare some luxury party bags that won’t fail to impress.

    5. A Summer Celebration

    Photo Of Three Pineapples Surrounded By Balloons

    Are you looking for summer party themes that will bring a little sunshine even into a dull day? A beach party is a great way to get friends and family together for a fun-filled event that conjures up all the pleasures of being on vacation. Hawaiian shirts and summer dresses are the perfect attire, with the ideal décor including palm tree prints, a sand pit and deck chairs. When you’re writing your su

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  8. 10 Unusual party bag ideas for memorable kids parties

    Party Bags

    Any parent who needs to arrange a birthday party for their child will no doubt feel some trepidation when it comes to organising the details. There’s a lot to remember, from booking a venue to baking a birthday cake, so when it comes to thinking of unusual party bag ideas to surprise the guests it’s not surprising that many parents lack inspiration. It can be very tempting to simply grab some cheap plastic toys and throw them into a bag, but this isn’t always the best course of action, especially if you want your event to create the right, long-lasting impression among your guests and their parents alike.

    If you’re looking for some help in coming up with creative kids birthday party ideas, the good news is that we can offer you some of our expert tips. Every parent knows how important it is to make their child’s party the celebration of the year, so

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  9. 7 Inexpensive birthday party ideas to throw a party they will never forget on the cheap

    Inexpensive Party Ideas

    Throwing a party for your child can not only be stressful but also very expensive. The pressure can be on to arrange the most extravagant event of the year, and if your son or daughter wants to invite the whole class the costs can soon mount up. If you’re on a budget, the very thought of coming up with kids birthday party ideas can be terrifying. How can you compete with the mum who took the whole class to Legoland? The good news is that you don’t have to! In fact, there are plenty of inexpensive birthday party ideas that your child will love and that will impress their friends without having to spend a fortune.

    Are you ready for some birthday party ideas on a shoestring?

    Read on and find out our seven top tips that will make sure you stay within your budget!

    1. Get The Timing Right

    Our top tip for reducing the

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  10. 5 Alternative Party Bag Ideas For Kids

    Alternative Party Bag Ideas

    Planning your child’s birthday party can be a real challenge for any parent. There’s a lot to do and a lot to think about. Perhaps you’re hiring a venue and liaising with suppliers and entertainers? Perhaps you’re hosting the party in your own home and have to find suitable decorations and food to serve up to your young guests. Whatever you’re arranging for your child’s celebration, one element which often comes quite a long way down the list is the party bags.

    When you’re drawing up your party shopping list, there are lots of items which you’ll need to put on it. However, while you’re writing that list, don’t forget about party favours! All children expect to receive a party bag at the end of the party, and nobody wants to disappoint their guests! Planning ahead is the key to getting it right on the party bag front. If you leave it to the last minute, you’re bound to end up running to the supermarket and just grabbing the first things you set eyes on. Nine times out of ten, that’ll be some cheap plastic rubbish which will just end up in the bin a couple of hours after the guests leave the party.

    Both your guests and their parents are sure to appreciate it if you put a little more thought into your party bag fillers. With that in mind, we’ve brought you some of the best alternative party bag ideas so you can impress your child’s guests with something a little out of the ordinary.

    Why Bother With Unique Party Bag Ideas?

    You might be wondering whether it’s worth your while to bother thinking up alternative party bag ideas when you could simply throw a slice of birthday cake, some sweets and a couple of plastic trinkets into a bag to hand out after the p

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