Unique Party Bag Ideas – 5 Alternative Party Bag Ideas For Children’s Parties

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Planning a birthday party for your child can be a major challenge for a parent. After all, there always seems to be countless things to arrange, buy and sort. If you’re using a hired venue, you’re going to need to liaise with entertainers, suppliers and caterers. However, if you’re hosting a party in the house, you’re still going to have a lot to do, from finding decorations to preparing suitable food that you can serve to fussy children. Whatever kind of celebration you’re responsible for arranging, something which often ends up close to the bottom of your list is party bags.

When you’re creating a party shopping list, you’ll probably realise that there is a surprisingly large number of items that you’re going to have to add to it. However, it’s vital that you don’t forget the party favours! Every child expects to be given a party bag when the party comes to an end, and you don’t want to disappoint your child’s friends do you?

The key to getting party bags right is to plan well ahead. If you end up leaving everything until the very last moment you’re going to end up having to run to the shops and picking up anything you see. Most of the time, you’ll find that all you can lay hands on at short notice is cheap plastic rubbish that always ends up being thrown away straight after the party ends.

Your child’s guests and, yes, their parents too, will appreciate you spending a little more time and effort on choosing party bag fillers that are a little more interesting, practical and exciting. With this in mind, we have decided to offer you some of our top alternative party bag ideas that are sure to impress your young guests.

Why Go For Unique Party Bag Ideas?

It can be very tempting to just grab a piece of birthday cake, a handful of sweets and some plastic toys and throw them into paper party bags ready to hand out after an exhausting party. However, stop and think for a moment. If you’re wondering whether you should be bothered by coming up with alternative party bag ideas just think about how your own child reacts every time they’re given a party bag. We bet that nine times out of ten they take a quick look inside, grab the sweets and the cake and then leave the rest on a table or bench where it sits, forgotten, until eventually you throw it away.

If you’re planning on spending your hard-earned money on making up party bags for your child’s guests, you should spend the money on gifts which will actually be appreciated.

If you want to successfully come up with alternative party bag ideas, you need to choose items that kids don’t just find exciting and fun which will also be practical, long-lasting or useful. Items which kids can use time and again will always be appreciated, and that’s something which won’t happen when you select cheap plastic toys.

Do you need some inspiration? These top 5 unique party bag ideas will certainly fit the bill.

1. Making Beautiful Music

All kids love music. Parents may not be so enthusiastic, however if you put child-sized instruments in your party bags, you can rest assured that you’re choosing something which will be boosting their creativity and helping them to learn vital skills. Affordable and simple instruments such as maracas, castanets, harmonicas and ocarinas would all be a good choice, encouraging even the smallest children to practice making music at home.

2. Activity Packs And Craft Kits

Often, parents put activity books in kids’ party bags and while they may be popular with parents they’re not always so popular with the young recipients. Yes, it’s fair to say that there are always going to be some children who enjoy puzzles and sticker books, however many just have no interest. If you want to find unusual party bag ideas which most kids are sure to enjoy, you might want to consider giving them craft kits instead. The majority of children love craft activities which they can either do alone or with the help of their parents at home. It’s also surprisingly cheap to buy simple craft kits both instore and online. Pop the kit into a party bag with some sweets and cake and you’re all set.

3. Construction Toys

Whether you need to find girls party bag ideas as well as suggestions that will satisfy boys, construction toys just might be the solution you’ve been looking for. While lots of parents are under the impression that construction kits are only for boys, that’s certainly not true any more. There are lots of construction toys which are equally suitable for girls, and Lego have even developed a range especially to appeal to young girls.

Even if you’re seeking party bag ideas for toddlers, you should still think about construction toys seriously. There is evidence to show that even toddlers are able to learn a lot from playing with construction kits. In fact, teachers say that construction toys are vital for early motor and thinking skill development. Construction kits help children be more creative and to solve problems. So long as you opt for something that’s age appropriate such as Duplo or Play Doh, even the youngest party guests are sure to appreciate receiving a fun construction gift on their way home.

4. Outdoor Play

Does your child celebrate their birthday in the summer? If so, thinking of summer party themes is probably your top priority. It’s always wise to make the most of good weather during the summer months by heading outdoors for a garden party. As an added bonus, outdoor parties also reduce the mess which you’ll need to clear up when all the guests have gone home!

If you’ve decided to host a garden party for your son or daughter, you can easily extend this theme to the party bags too. Some top alternative party bag ideas are toys which are suitable for play outdoors. Outdoor toys are practical and fun and, even better, they encourage youngsters to go outdoors and play, something that all parents hope for! With so many good outdoor toys available that are perfect for popping into paper party bags, it couldn’t be easier to find suitable suggestions for all your guests, whether male or female.

Some ideas that would be suitable for this theme include balls, water pistols, water bombs, frisbees or pocket kites. All are fun party supplies which you can be certain will be used time and again whenever the youngsters play outside with family or friends.

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If you don’t think that sporting-style outdoor toys are the right choice for your child’s guests, why not go for other outdoor activities such as planting seed kits. These are great ideas for summer party bags and young children love planting fruit, vegetable or flower seeds then watching them grow. Not only is it a great way of encouraging kids to go outside in the sun, it’s also a brilliant way to help them do something constructive with their parents!

5. Books

Our final ideal for your alternative party bag ideas will surely be a bit hit with your guests’ parents. Reading books that are appropriate to the age of the child are a perfect party favour. Whether you need party favors for 2 year olds or gifts that are suitable for teens, you’re sure to find suitable books that the recipients will love to read. All toddlers enjoy looking at picture books with their parents and to save money, you could buy multipacks of books then split them up, giving one to every child.

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Perhaps your birthday party is going to be on a particular theme. If so, you can easily find books which match the theme of your event. It’s pretty simple to find books about fairies, princesses, monsters or pirates and these make the ideal gift for young guests when they’re leaving the fancy dress party.

Of course, books don’t always have to be the reading kind. What about a writing book instead? This may be a good option if you’re looking for suitable party favours for teenagers who love scrapbooks and writing journals where they can express themselves.

What Do I Need To Keep In Mind When Purchasing Party Bag Favours?

The main problem you’re likely to encounter if you opt for alternative party bag ideas is finding enough of the same items for every guest that are in stock. The second problem you’re likely to face will be getting a decent price that you can afford. Just because you are opting for favours which aren’t the norm doesn’t mean you should pay a lot of money. The key to buying successfully lies in taking the time to shop around, do sufficient research and ensuring that you’ve planned in advance. This will ensure you’re able to get the best price on all the items you’re going to purchase. Remember, when you run around at the last minute buying party necessities you’ll be panicking and that will mean you’ll end up paying more than necessary.

When you’re buying lots of non-standard party items for your favour bags, it’s often easier to shop online. However, make sure you check that the stock is available before buying – you certainly don’t want to discover there are just two of the items you need if you require ten! You must also compare the prices with several online suppliers so you can get the lowest possible price. Another thing to remember is to check the delivery time. It’s no good getting an amazing deal from a supplier in China if the items aren’t going to be delivered until a fortnight after your child’s party!

Postage costs are another thing to keep in mind when shopping for party favours. Something which looks like an amazing deal when you glance at the price may not be such a brilliant offer if you’re paying a large amount of postage on each item you’re ordering. If you’re going to be buying lots of items, it’s always worth checking to see if there’s a reduced postage cost. Many suppliers will combine postage on multiple purchases to help give you better value. You may even be able to get discounts when you’re buying several identical items either online or in store – don’t miss the opportunity to negotiate!

In a pinch, it’s ok to buy different items for different children. For example, if you’re only able to five give of the item you’re looking for, find something with a similar value and style elsewhere. Kids don’t mind when they receive something in their party bag which is different from the other guests so long as the gift is equally fun!

You could even make life simpler by opting for pre-filled party bags which come already containing exciting and fun gifts. That will remove the need for you to even think about making party bags yourself!

Whatever you do, always buy the right number of party bag fillers so that every child you invited to the party will have one. You might be tempted to purchase party bag gifts only for those children who you think will turn up, but think what would happen if an unexpected child turned up and there was no available party bag to give them. Spending a little more money now doesn’t mean you’ve wasted it – you could always give those party bag items to someone else as a gift later on.

Alternative Party Bag Ideas – Ideal For A Special Celebration

While you might be tempted just to pick up some cheap plastic toys off the supermarket shelves, when you put more effort into selecting alternative party bag ideas, you can be sure that your child’s celebration will really impress. Kids love gifts which they can use and enjoy, so if you give them party favours which are a little more unique, your child’s party is certain to be a hit!